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Notebook hinge
Notebook hinge

The utility model relates to aNotebook hinge  Structure and notebook computer. TheNotebook hinge  Structure includes: Located inLCDA two rotating shaft bracket, a two main rotating shaft, two rotating shafts and a two hinge cover are arranged on the left and right sides of the display screen; the ends of the two pair of rotating shafts are fixed at the top of the two rotating shafts respectively, and the other end of the two rotating shafts are respectively used for fixing theLCDIn the middle of the left and right side of the display, the end of the two main rotating shaft is fixed at the bottom of the two rotating shaft bracket respectively, and the other end of the two main rotating shaft is respectively used for fixing on the upper side of the host, and the two hinge covers are respectively fixed on the two rotating shaft The utility model also provides a corresponding notebook computer. The utility model has theNotebook hinge  The structure and notebook computer improvedLCDThe way the display is rotated relative to the host;LCDDisplay Flip180is displayed on a scale and can be used as a tablet computer, andLCDDisplay can360Any angle of pause.

Technical Requirements:

1.Dynamic value of torsion: 3.0±0.5kgfNaN

2.Life Test: 20000Times, attenuation%%p15%Within

Test angle10-120°

3.Product Pre-pressing angle-7±2°,Limit angle130°±3°,

Shipping angle130°±3°

4.Material and surface treatment should conform toRohsRequirements

5.Take The size of the number is the key control size

Features: can set rotation angle, speed, test times and adjust the height of the test bed.Note-bookThe test position is free to adjust the lift clearance time can be set to directly show the swing rate (times/Per minute) Model specification and main technical parameter angle setting5~180Number of degrees set (MAX999999Swing Speed (MAX15Times/min(Angle in180Degree of speed to set the size of stepless adjustable speed machine730X635X790mmMachine weight85KgPower1#220v,5aor specify