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Hardware Hinge Customization
Hardware Hinge Customization

Metal HingeCustom

Metal HingeCan be divided into no torsion and torsion type

The so-called no torsion, such as the hinge of the storage box, and so on, do not need to spend too much effort to open. Advantages for the production of simple;The disadvantage is that it cannot remain fixed at a certain angle.

The so-called torsion, you can keep moving parts at any time, to maintain a fixed angle, such as notebook computer and LCD screen, so that users can easily adjust the most appropriate angle can be maintained for a long period of time fixed.

Torsion typeMetal HingeAccording to structural design can be differentiated

Type of heat treatment:

Gas nitriding Treatment:For surface hardness treatment, hardening layer depth is approximately0.005mm

Surface carburizing Treatment:The hardening layer depth is approximately0.25mm


Type:Dish Type Gasket=Force is forced upon tightening

Oil Storage Gasket=Storage of lubricating oil

Flat Gasket=Friction with oil storage gasket

Material: SK7 (Medium Carbon tool steel)SUS304 (Stainless steel)

Characteristics: SK7After heat treatment will be elastic, and good wear resistance

Post-processing processing: a) SK7Require heat treatment to increase hardness, hardnessHrc42~45


b)Vibration grinding Deburring

C)Electroplating type:General Nickel

Nylon NutNylonnut

Role:Lock fasteners and prevent loosening

Material: sea/1010, generally referred to as soft steel

Characteristics:Low carbon content, easy to forge

Post-processing processingA)No heat treatment

p.s>Generally has the heat treatment nut, applies in the automobile

b)Electroplating type:Blue-white zinc, black zinc


Role:IncreaseMetal HingeTorque difference between positive and reverse

Material:Spring steel, the main use of the piano steel wire and black steel line two kinds

Qin Steel Wire=A kind of alloy steel

Black Steel Wire=A type of carbon steel that can be divided into50C60C80C

p.s>Price comparison of Qin steel wire:


Post-processing processingA)Heat treatment increases the rigidity of the spring

b)Electroplating type:General Nickel, multicolored


Too Gas strong seal agent

Generally used for nut lock fastening, in order to ensure that the nut loose, so the point into the sealing agent as a safeguard, its strong penetration.


Generally used for gasket friction surface, the main component for a variety of aerospace use of synthetic oil, in accordance with the proportion of the deployment of;Good resistance to high and low temperature.

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