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LED Lamp shaft Picture
LED Lamp shaft Picture

LED Lamp shaft Picture

In Guangdong, the first choice of the rotary shaft, let you rest assured that the purchase of lamp hinges

Nowadays, the frequency of online shopping is more and more high, but the sellers are worried about the lampDamping HingeQuality, price and other issues. In Guangdong, how to be assured to buyLedDesk Lamp Hinge? may wish to look at the Zhongshan table lamp hinge User How to select Yi YangGs-659-1Desk lamp rotating shaft, reliable quality, cost-effective, more importantly, their service is very intimate, careful, so that you have a fruitful.


Gs-659-1LedDesk Lamp Hinge

Gs-659-1ledLamp damping shaft, is Yi Yang360One of the series of rotating table lamp rotating shaft, which adopts importedSK7, stainless steel material manufacturing, Yi Yang in the development of lamp rotating shaft, is aimed at the current different customer requirements for product design and customer demand to produce lamp shaft, mainly to be able to assemble more convenient, space-saving design principles, through heat treatment technology to achieve the rigidity of the shaftHRC45Degrees, than the ordinaryRotating shaftHigher hardness, so that the lamp shaft is more powerful force.