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Hardware hinge Picture
Hardware hinge Picture

Hardware hinge Picture

 Metal HingeStructural characteristics of cages

  Metal HingeThe bearing is a belt cage and has two kinds of structure without cage. One of the largeINABearings generally require a larger load, often without a cage, but inside and outside the raceway filled with rolling body. and most small and medium scrollingINABearings are provided with cages.

InINABearing in the process of processing,INAHow to fit the outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and cage of the bearing. To put it simply, it is the firstMetal HingeThe inner and outer rings of the bearing are set.,Pull the inner circle aside.,And then put the rolling body(Put it on one side.),Then resize the scroll body position,At last,Keep the cage in place.

The function of the cage is:

1. Guide and drive the rolling body to scroll on the correct raceway.

2. The cage separates the rolling body from the same distance, and is evenly spaced on the raceway circumference to prevent the rolling body from colliding and rubbing with each other during working.

3, in the separation typeMetal HingeIn the bearing, the rolling body and a ring are grouped together to prevent the rolling body from falling off.

 Metal HingeBearings called windows, used to isolate and guide the rolling body, pocket clearance so that the cage in the radial and axial has a certain amount of activity, the total radial activity is called cage clearance. There are many structural types and complex shapes in roller cages. Keep many equidistant pockets on the shelf, pocket hole shape has spherical, round, oval, rectangle and tooth type, etc., its size is bigger than the rolling body size, the difference between the two is the pocket gap, sometimes the connection between the rolling cage window is called over beam, it plays the role of connecting and increasing the cage strength.