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LED Lamp Shaft
LED Lamp Shaft

  LedDesk Lamp HingeWear is a common device problem during shaft use, mainly caused by the metal characteristics of the shaft: Although the metal hardness is high, but poor yield (deformation can not be restored), shock resistance, poor performance, fatigue resistance, it is easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect, only the machine is high temperature, beating amplitude, abnormal sound and other circumstances, will cause awareness, but when people find that most of the shaft has been worn, resulting in machine downtime.

  LedDesk Lamp HingeFor traditional repair technology, in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea enterprises are less common, developed countries are generally used polymer composite technology and nanotechnology, polymer technology can be on-site operation, effectively improve the maintenance efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs and maintenance strength. One of the most widely used is the U.S. Ka Wah technology system, compared with the traditional technology, the polymer composite material has both the strength and hardness required by the metal, as well as the subordination (variable relation) that the metal does not have, so as to maximize the size of the repair site and the mating parts, and to use the composite material itself to resist the pressure and Bending, elongation and other comprehensive advantages, can effectively absorb the impact of external forces, greatly eliminate and offset the radial impact of bearing on the shaft, and avoid the possibility of clearance, but also to avoid the equipment due to the gap between the increase caused by two times wear.