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Dongguan two in a rotating shaft
Dongguan two in a rotating shaft

You know the choiceTwo in a rotating shaftWhat questions should be considered?

One is the appearance. Brand Manufacturers accessories appearance smooth, uniform, exquisite, unified, no burr, rust stain and other defects, high processing precision, interchangeability good, there are formal brand, origin and quality assurance commitment period; The appearance of the products of the factory is coarse, often visible flaws, there is no quality assurance commitment.

The second is the brand of hardware and accessories. It is understood that the world has hundreds of productionRotating shaftof well-known brands.

Third, before ordering, remember on-site inspection. Including inspection of the guide rail pull, hinge open and close whether smooth, no noise, whether there is rust, surface oxidation layer is off, coating and gloss is uniform, whether the damper closure is compliant.

1Two in a rotating shaftIt helps to reduce the resonance amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid the mechanism damage caused by the vibration stress to reach the limit;

2Two in a rotating shaftTo help the mechanical system after the instantaneous impact, quickly restored to a stable state;

3Two in a rotating shaftIt helps to reduce the acoustic radiation caused by mechanical vibration and reduce the mechanical noise.

4Two in a rotating shaftHelps to reduce the structure's ability to transmit vibrations. In the design of vibration isolation structure of mechanical system, the effect of vibration isolation and vibration reduction can be greatly improved by using the damping technique rationally.