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LED Lamp Hinge Wholesale
LED Lamp Hinge Wholesale

We all know a lot.LedThe lamp is designed to be curved or rotated, which is effective inLedLampDamping HingeThe credit. But can letLedThe desk lamp is more reliable and more close, need a kind of force-preload force. Preload is in the connection (the way and the use of the connection is diverse), before the work load, in order to enhance the reliability and tightness of the connection to prevent the load after the connection between the gap or relative slip between the force of advance.


 LedDesk Lamp HingePreload can make the lamp reliable and fastening, but also to ensure fasteningLedTable lamp has a certain degree of bending moment and bearing the role of torque. The preload is related to the hinge of the lamp and is also affected byLedDesk Lamp HingeThe impact. With the increase of the preload of bearing, the radial stiffness of the bearing increases, the machining precision and work efficiency of the spindle system are improved obviously, and the working performance of the spindle is improved. Therefore, in selectingLedDesk Lamp Hinge, you should consider the preload between the damping shaft and the lamp.

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