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Dongguan Damping Hinge
Dongguan Damping Hinge

Dongguan Damping Hinge

Do you know what is calledDamping HingeDo you? What's the use? Now let's take a look at the following introduction.

The definition of a damping shaft: a hinge, as the name suggests, is a link to the product 0 parts must be used for the rotation of the work of both the bending moment and bearing the torque of the shaft called a rotating shaft. Common rotating shafts are: mobile phone hinge (flip or rotating screen mobile phone); portable computer hingeDvdHinge;LedDesk Lamp HingeLCDDisplayRotating shaftGpssuch as car support shaft and so on.

Rotating shaft,Heart axis,The drive shaft is a straight shaft in a different type of load.

1,SHAFT BEARING bending moment at the same timeMand torqueT

2,The mandrel only bears the bending momentM

3,The drive shaft only withstands torqueT

A rotating shaft is an axis in which the product is capable of withstanding bending moments and bearing torque, or torsion, which is the force that reverses an object to produce deformation. The rotational force produced by the force on the shaft or the rotating arm;XThe size of the friction force is the torsion value.

  Rotating shaftCan be divided into torsion-free type and torsion;

The so-called no torsion, such as the hinge of the storage box, and so on, do not need to spend too much effort to open. The advantages for the production of simple, the disadvantage is that can not be fixed to maintain fixed in a certain angle.

The so-called torsion, can be fixed at any time movable frame at a certain angle, such as notebook computer and monitor screen, so that users can easily adjust the appropriate angle, but also for a long time to maintain a fixed angle.

The torsion type is based on the structural design and can be divided into one-axis andLTypeRotating shaft

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