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Car Shaft Customization
Car Shaft Customization

Car Shaft Customization

 Car Shaftwhich procurement?

Here, find a pen.Car ShaftIt's really hard, in which the car damping charger hinge users to the car shaft manufacturers said in the procurement of automotive shaft manufacturersGs-803-1UpscaleCar ShaftBefore, I found a number of car damping charger hinge manufacturers want a car damping charger shaft, has not been found, and finally in the car shaft manufacturers to find the rotating shaft, so the choice of the car shaft manufacturers hinge.

High-grade car damping charger shaftGs-803-1

Fancy this upscaleCar ShaftHad

Gs-803-1High-grade car portable charger rotary shaft is the use of imported qualitysk7+1215, the internal use of powder metallurgy gear structure, the attenuation rate is not greater than20%Rotate more strength, opening and closing smoothly, easy to install, exquisite smooth, anti-corrosion anti-wear, arbitrary swing not shaking.

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