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UAV Shaft Picture
UAV Shaft Picture

UAV Shaft Picture

  Unmanned aircraft shaft, as the name implies that is linked to the product 0 parts must be used for the rotation of the work of both bending moment and bearing the torque of the shaft called a rotating shaft. Common rotating shafts are: mobile phone hinge (flip or rotating screen mobile phone); portable computer hingeDvdHinge;DvRotating shaftLedDesk Lamp HingeLCDDisplay shaft;Gpssuch as car support shaft and so on.

Protruding shaft typeUnmanned aircraft shaftAnd the sinking of the shaft does not have the absolute advantages and disadvantages, but should look at the specific models to determine what kind of design. In general, large-screen notebooks, business notebooks, and fully functional notebooks tend to use protruding shafts, taking into account extended performance and viewing comfort. Netbooks, lightweight notebooks and stylish notebooks tend to use sunken shafts in order to control the thickness of the lid on the notebook. There are some problems with the sinking shaft. such as easy occlusion of the back of the notebook, resulting in the back of the notebook can not set the port. In the rotation, for example, the screen is vulnerable to the back of the notebook, so the angle of the sunken shaft can be opened to only reach120Degree ~130Degree.

  Unmanned aircraft shaftThe biggest advantage of the protruding rotating shaft is that the whole screen is ascending, so that the screen will not block the back of the notebook, so it is convenient to set up a variety of ports, cooling holes, etc. in the back of the notebook. From the point of view of making full use of notebook space and increasing the number of ports, it is very advantageous. At the same time, because the protruding shaft in the rotation is not easy to be blocked, so that the screen can open the angle is larger, generally can reach150Degree ~180Degree.

Although the protruding shaft has many advantages, it now uses a raised-typeRotating shaftNotebooks have been reduced. Why is this happening? Because the protruding shaft is to protect the strength and damping of the rotating shaft, the protruding part must be large enough to do so. In this way, the laptop lid has to be thicker to cover the hinge. for usingLedBacklight system, the pursuit of lightweight notebooks, the use of raised-type rotating shaft naturally seems to be somewhat unsuitable.