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Car Shaft
Car Shaft

Car ShaftThere are many uses, can be used as a computer shaft, you can also doCar ShaftCar ShaftIn the use of the process should pay attention to a lot of things, put the hinge broken. In the course of use, the car is forbidden to start with high-speed gears. It is strictly forbidden to lift the clutch pedal.

Overloading the car, speeding is the most taboo, it will be very dangerous, theCar ShaftIt can also be very easy to break up and cause accidents to happen.

We should often check the working conditions of the shaft, to see the fastening of the hinge frame, bearing rubber is damaged, the hinge joints are loose, the hinge is deformed.

  Car ShaftCharacteristics:

Technical Requirements:

1.Smooth surface and inner hole without burr and grease

2.Middle Axis Torsion: 7.0-8.0kgfnan

Side Shaft Torsion: 8.0-9.0kgfnan

3.Rotation angle of side shaft: 360°, 0Degree self lock

Rotation angle of axis:Shun turn180°±1.5,


4.Life5000Times,Decay rate ≤20%

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