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Metal Hinge
Metal Hinge

  Metal HingeIt is popular in our daily life, such as the door axis, hinge or Walkman, and even the lid of the copier and the main body connection.

  Metal HingeCan be divided into no torsion and torsion type

The so-called no torsion, such as the hinge of the storage box, and so on, do not need to spend too much effort to open. Advantages for the production of simple;The disadvantage is that it cannot remain fixed at a certain angle.

The so-called torsion, you can keep moving parts at any time, to maintain a fixed angle, such as notebook computer and LCD screen, so that users can easily adjust the most appropriate angle can be maintained for a long period of time fixed.

Torsion typeMetal HingeAccording to structural design can be differentiated



Principle:The torque value produced by using the principle of the shaft hole tight fit

Advantages:Small use of space, faster production

Disadvantages:Use of low torque products, low production yield and unstable torque life


Principle:The torque value produced by the principle of the gasket forcing and rubbing

Advantages:Torsion value can be adjusted arbitrarily, torsion life is stable, product diversification, production yield is high

Disadvantages:Large use of space, slow production speed

LTypeHINGEStructural Parts Introduction







Role:The pivot torsion of the movable parts as a connecting fixed piece

Material: SUM24 (JISStandard), commonly known as easy to cut steel

Characteristics:Surface carbon content is not high, material added sulfur easy to cut

Post-processing processingA)Heat treatment increases hardness, hardnesshv400~450

b)Vibration grinding Deburring

C)Electroplating type:General nickel, blue and white zinc, black zinc