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Damping Hinge
Damping Hinge

Industrial hinge is mainly used in industrial chassis cabinets as well as the test box, notebook computer hinge, and the traditional hinge has a difference, industrial hinge quality and load-bearing are far more than the ordinary hinge, it works in a poor environment and the frequency of use is high.

On industrialDamping HingeHinge selection considerations include the following points:

1.Look at the material

Poor quality of the industrial hinge used for a long time easy to loose or rust and other phenomena, and good quality hinges importedSK7Material hinge wear-resistant deformation, smooth surface, and the surface using electroplating technology, so it is not easy to rust, corrosion-resistant abrasion.

2.Experience feel

Quality and inferior hinge installed in the Industrial chassis and test box, notebook computer experience the feel is different, good quality hinge in the use of self-locking feel very good, open and close when easier to park at any angle.

3.Observe the details

From the surface of the shaft can be seen whether the hinge is fine, such as whether its appearance is rusty or oily appearance, the surface is smooth and flat, and open and close will appear when the sound of a click.

National Shuo Industrial Hinge general rotation angle in360degree or so, the appearance of the rotary shaft is the use of electroplating technology to ensure that the hinge rust and anti-corrosion functions, hingeDamping HingeStrength for the bigDamping Hinge, are suitable for large size industrial products.