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Unmanned aircraft shaft
Unmanned aircraft shaft

Unmanned aircraft shaft

With the development of science and technology, UAV has gradually developed, in which no one can use the dampingUnmanned aircraft shaft, used to connect the components of the UAV, can be said dampingUnmanned aircraft shaftIt plays a very important role in the design of UAV. Let's talk about drone damping today.Unmanned aircraft shaftWhat are the characteristics.

1.Easy to open and close, so that the connection between parts more closely.

2.It can also support the UAV's various usage modes, and increase the UAV's performance.

3.More suitable for handheld control after flip.For intelligent manipulation, dampingUnmanned aircraft shaftRole is very important.

4.It's a good guarantee to have the same resistance at any angle Nili

5.When the rotation ring and the base are worn off, the spring will still compensate for the pressure..It's not going to be as hard as using screws to grind off parts.

The above is the drone dampingUnmanned aircraft shaftThe characteristics, which is why the design of the UAV to use dampingUnmanned aircraft shaftInstead of selecting a different way to connect.

Unmanned aircraft shaftWear is a common equipment problem during shaft use, which is mainly caused by the metal characteristics of the shaft.:Although the metal is high in hardness, but poor in subordination(Unable to recover after deformation), bad impact performance, poor fatigue resistance, it is easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect, only the machine is high temperature, beating amplitude, abnormal sound and other circumstances, will cause awareness, but when people find that most of the shaft has been worn, resulting in machine downtime.

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