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Two in a rotating shaft picture
Two in a rotating shaft picture

Two in a rotating shaft picture

With the improvement of people's living standards, notebook computer users are increasing, but also become a people's life, work an indispensable part, but because of the user's use of notebooks, parts life is weakening, takeTwo in a rotating shaftFor two or three years after the use of more prone to problems, then we look at these common problems!

1, turning the lid, excessive force caused by the flip corner cracking, which isRotating shaftDamage to the image of the sign;

2, after the lid, not close, in this case do not force, need to tilt a few angles, and then tilt a few angles, remember this two times, must light force operation several times, and then slowly together

3, turn the lid and turn to the middle again can not go up, this case is alsoTwo in a rotating shaftDamage symbol

Encounter the above situation, please do not panic, do not rush to take a screwdriver to dismantle, if a little improper operation is very likely to the middle of the line in the notebook break, then the loss of the candle.

The processing method is as follows:

1, encounter second, third situation can try to open and close several times with light force, if not, you can consider the following methods.

2, first check the shelf life of the laptop, if still in the shelf life, you can get after the replacement center.

3, such as the shelf life has passed, they do not have experience in this area, you can get local repair point maintenance.

4, a little bit of maintenance experience, you can try to remove the screws, the hinge removed, wiped clean, add some grease to rotate back and forth, if the problem can not be solved, to the repair shop to buy two, their own installed.