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Hardware hinge metal shaft regular maintenance of the main role is what?
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You knowMetal HingeWhat are the key factors in the mechanical operation? BelowMetal HingeManufacturers to give you a detailed introduction, hope to help everyone.

Non-standard bearings areMetal HingeA kind of industrial production, it is very important equipment parts, no matter what kind of industrial production, no matter what kind of industrial production equipment, generally do not lack of non-standardMetal Hingeof use.Metal HingeAlthough it is a relatively humble small parts, but has a very important role in the operation of mechanical equipment and work can not be separated fromMetal Hinge, especially the equipment needed for the production and processing of sports, forMetal Hingeis more dependent.

Non-standardMetal Hinge, as the name implies is applied to the mechanical conditions of the bearing type, with the generalMetal HingeThe difference is that its structure has a certain change, thisMetal Hingeis by ball or needle roller,Metal HingeThe cage and the flat washer constitute, and the generalMetal HingeCompared with the structure of its composition is relatively simple.

Non-standardMetal HingeDue to the use of a large number of ball bearings, increasing the bearing contact area, so thatMetal HingeBearing capacity and athletic ability has been greatly improved, bearing itself, the robustness and durability has also been greatly improved. In addition, this non-standard bearing structure design is relatively compact, occupy a relatively small space, in the work and equipment operation process can greatly reduce the bearing operation of the edge stress, reduce theMetal HingeThe probability of problems, effectively prolong the service life.

  Hardware hinge Metal ShaftWhat are the main roles of regular maintenance?

  1, bearing: In order to maintain the original performance of the imported bearing for as long as possible, it is necessary to take a look after, overhaul, to prevent accidents in the already, to ensure the stability of the operation, progressive consumption, economic.

Home to the best corresponding mechanical operating conditions of the operating norms, regular stop. The contents include monitoring the Operation status, supplementing or changing the smooth agent, and checking the periodic disassembly. Operation of the maintenance items, there are imported bearings of the rotary sound, vibration, temperature, smooth agent status and so on.

  2, bearing overhaul: bearing cleaning: the removal of bearings under the inspection, the first record of the appearance of imported bearings, to confirm the residue of the smooth agent, after sampling and inspection of the smooth agent, washing bearings. As a cleaning agent, the common use of gasoline, kerosene.

Removed from the import of the bearing cleaning, divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning, respectively placed in the container, first put the metal net bottom, so that bearings do not contact the container's dirty material directly. Coarse cleaning, if the bearing with dirty rotation, will damage the rolling surface of imported bearings, should pay attention to. In the coarse cleaning oil, the use of brushes to eliminate the smooth grease, adhesion, roughly clean, into the fine wash. Fine wash, is the bearing in the cleaning oil side of the rotation, the side of serious cleaning. In addition, cleaning oil should always adhere to clean.


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