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The function of a rotating shaft in a notebook computer
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-12-04

Although the raised typeRotating shaftHave a lot of advantages, but now use the elevatedRotating shaftNotebooks have been reduced. Why is this happening? Because of the elevatedRotating shaftTo protectRotating shaftStrength and damping, so the protruding part is large enough to do. In this way, the laptop lid has to be thicker to coverRotating shaft。 for usingLedBacklight system, the pursuit of lightweight notebooks, the use of raisedRotating shaftNature seems to be somewhat unsuitable.

and the sinking typeRotating shaftis a good solution to the problem. Sinking typeRotating shaftThe connection point is located in the thicker host section so that the notebook is not covered withRotating shaftThe reason is forced to increase the thickness. Meanwhile, the sinking typeRotating shaftThe screen will sink when it is turned on, so in some crowded environments, the sinking type is usedRotating shaftNotebook, it will feel more convenient. Sinking typeRotating shaftThe screen can be opened to the angle generally can only reach120Degree ~130Degree. On the whole, the projection typeRotating shaftand sinking typeRotating shaftand the absolute advantages and disadvantages, but should look at the detailed models to determine what to use. In general, large-screen notebooks, business notebooks and full notebooks, taking into account the expansion of the function and viewing comfort, tend to use a raisedRotating shaft。 and netbooks, lightweight notebooks and stylish notebooks, to control the thickness of the lid on the notebook, tend to adopt a sinking typeRotating shaft。 For example, the Sony notebook, which is more known in China, uses cylindricalRotating shaftHave a characteristic. Cylindrical typeRotating shaftSony has become an indispensable fashion modeling department, very good to foil the Sony notebook smart, lightweight entertainment elements. of the CircleRotating shaftAndRotating shaftThe beauty of the line nearby can cause great visual impact in the first person. In addition, the cylindrical typeRotating shaftBoth ends of the set of power supply and power interface, so that the host is more cool, but also let the notebook's power switch easier to operate, not easy to touch.

  ???AssociationIdeaPadY510The use ofLType sinking typeRotating shaftAlso very distinctive. and the BroadRotating shaftThe damping of the upper lid is enhanced to avoid shaking the screen, dispersing the power of opening and closing, and reducingRotating shaftThe probability of damage. It'sRotating shaftAnd the screen is integrated, so that the transition between the host department and the screen appears more smooth, natural, a change of the traditional notebook square image.