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LED desk lamp shaft daily overhaul small knowledge
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  LedDesk Lamp HingeProcessing process

Mass productionLedDesk Lamp Hingeis not a lot of varieties, but each product has a certain number, the same work place of the processing objects are periodically replaced, this production is called mass production. Different production types, in the production arrangement, production management, Workshop machine tool layout and selection of blank manufacturing methods, machine tool types, tools, processing or assembly methods, as well as the technical requirements of workers are different. Therefore, according to the characteristics of different types of production, from the economy of the inevitable, to formulate a reasonableLedDesk Lamp HingeProcessing process.

Metal Hinge

  LedDesk Lamp HingeDaily Maintenance Small knowledge

  LedDesk Lamp HingeCriteria for inspection and proofreading: The previous inspection project is not affected by the following inspection project. Inspection method: The horizontal axis of the circle level should be checked and proofread equally with the rotating metal rotating shaft of the instrument: first the circle level bubble is centered with the foot spiral, then the instrument rotates180Degree. If the bubble is still centered, this condition is satisfactory. If the bubble is offset, it indicates that the condition is not satisfactory.

Proofreading: proofing is performed with a proofing screw mounted at a circular level bubble. It usually has only three. Operation, according to the leveling round level of the method, respectively, the transfer of three proofing screws, so that the center of the bubble, moving to the center of half the length of deviation. If the operation is completely accurate, by proofreading, the leveling axis is parallel to the instrument rotating metal shaft. If at this time the instrument leveling, the instrument of the rotating metal shaft is located in a straight state. However, the practice of repeated adjustments to the end of the party can be.

Cross-wire transverse wire should be with the instrument rotary metal shaft vertical Inspection and proof check: first with the cross-wire to aim at one end of a point, and then slowly rotating the telescope with a micro-dynamic spiral to investigate the point in the field of view of the movement trajectory. If this point can always move on the transverse wire, then the cross wire and instrument rotary metal shaft perpendicular, if this point left the transverse wire, then the horizontal wire is not perpendicular to the rotation of the instrument, it is to be proofread.