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Principles and rules for the process of metal shaft processing
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Metal HingeThe principles and norms that are observed in the process of processing

Metal HingeProcessing is the use of conventional or special stamping equipment power,To make the sheet in the mold directly under the deformation force and deformation,thereby obtaining a certain profile,Production technology of parts for dimensions and functions.Metal HingeProcessing is one of the main business of my company,Here is a brief introduction of what we are doingMetal HingeThe principles and norms that are observed in the process of processing.

First, the production process to establish a strict inspection system,Metal HingeFirst of all, be sure to check thoroughly,After the inspection is qualified to put into production,At the same time strengthen patrol,To deal with the accident in time.

Second, adhere to the civilized production system,If the workpiece and the pieces of the transmission must use the appropriate station equipment,Otherwise, the workpiece surface will be affected by pressure and abrasion..

Third, in the stamping process to ensure that the mold cavity cleaning,The working place must arrange the orderly processing work piece to be arranged neatly.

The raw materials must conform to the technical conditions stipulated,Strictly check the specifications and grades of raw materials,Inspection of workpieces with high dimensional and surface quality requirements under conditions.

Five, forMetal HingeAll the links stipulated in the process specification shall be strictly adhered to..

VI. Presses and dies and other tooling and equipment used,should be guaranteed to work under normal working conditions.

Metal HingeProcessing is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing.,Stamping parts are used in a variety of mechanical equipment,So you have to make sureMetal HingeThe processing quality.In the process of processing,We strictly adhere to the above principles and norms,Ensure the quality of the products we process,Welcome the broad masses of customers to cooperate with us.