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What are the steps for the display shaft to be disassembled?
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-11

 Monitor HingeWhat are the steps for disassembly?

Usually we use the liquid crystalMonitor HingeIts base is with a rotating shaft, so that we can adjust the screen at any time, to maintain our use of the visual angle is very comfortable, generally ourMonitor HingeIt's not as frequent as a laptop, but it's not quite certain that there won't be any minor problems, like how do we solve the problem when we're not smoothing the screen or other problems?

In fact, it is very simple if the opening and closing is not smooth or the presence of damping strength is not appropriate we can move their hands to solve, LCDMonitor HingeThe bottom mainly divides into the base and the rotating shaft two parts, the disassembly is also relatively simple, starts from the base first, the following is the concrete step:

  1.First the liquid crystalMonitor HingeFlat on the table, note that the table must be flat, and the desktop does not have any sundries, lest bump damage LCDMonitor Hingescreen, of course, if the bottom can put some sponge or other flat soft things better.

  2.So soMonitor HingeNo mounting screws are used, just holdMonitor HingeThe buckle of the base, the downward force can be, afterMonitor HingeThe base can be torn down..

Again is the hinge disassembly base after the demolition, the next thing we need to do is to disassemble the hinge, the specific steps are as follows:

  1.First, remove the buckle cover on the hinge,

  2.Then you can see that the internal axis of the shaft is usually fixed by more than one screw, where we need to remove the fixing screws, and then we can easily remove the hinge

This is a common computer.Monitor HingeTo explain, the main introduction of theMonitor HingeThe method of disassembly of the base shaft is of course differentMonitor HingeThe design of the base is also different and not allMonitor HingeThe base can be buckled down hard. Some may also have fixed screws, before you disassemble, you must first notice the observation of theirMonitor HingeBase structure, understand the principle and then disassemble.