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Protection measures for abrasion resistance of the shaft guide rails of unmanned aircraft
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-12-04

  Unmanned aircraft shaftProtective measures of wear resistance of guideway

In order to make the linear guide can be used for a long time, it is to improve its wear resistance, its daily work over a long time, which greatly increased the degree of its wear, so want to refer to the Probationary line guide, we must find ways to improve its wear resistance.

  Unmanned aircraft shaftThe measures to improve the wear resistance of linear guideway are:

  1Unmanned aircraft shaftRequired reasonable selection of materials and heat treatment for the guide rail materials, should have good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, and has a good processing and heat treatment properties. The commonly used materials are:

  (1)Unmanned aircraft shaftCast iron such asHTq200HT300And so on, all have the good wear resistance. Using high phosphorus cast iron(The quality fraction of phosphorus content is higher than0.3), phosphor copper-titanium cast iron and vanadium-titanium cast iron as guide rails, wear resistance is higher than ordinary cast iron respectively1.4Times. The hardness of cast iron guideway is generally180-200hbs。 In order to improve its surface hardness, surface hardening technology, surface hardness can reach55HRC, the wear resistance of the guideway can be improved13Times.

  (2)Unmanned aircraft shaftSteel is commonly used with carbon steel(4050t8aTIOA)and Alloy Steel(20Cr40CR)。 The abrasion resistance of steel guide rail is higher than that of ordinary cast iron guideway.5~10Times. High-availability requirements20CrMade, carburizing and hardened to56~62hrc; Low demand for use40CrMade, high frequency quenching hardness to5258HRC。 Steel guidance rails are generally made into strips, screws and pins are fixed on the cast iron frame, the size and number of screws must ensure good contact stiffness, so as not to cause deformation.

  (3)Non-ferrous metals commonly used in brass, tin bronze, Superhard aluminum(7A04)Wait。

  (4)Unmanned aircraft shaftPlastic PTFE has excellent antifriction, abrasion resistance and anti-vibration performance, and the working temperature can be adapted to a wide range.(200~+280), the static and dynamic friction coefficient is very small, is a good antifriction material. PTFE-Matrix Plastic Guide is a good performance, it is a steel plate sintered spherical bronze particles and impregnated PTFE plastic sheet. The thickness of the guide plate is1.5~3mm, on the porous bronze particles above the Teflon surface thick as0.025mm。 This nephew material rail board has both the friction characteristic of PTFE and the rigidity and thermal conductivity of bronze and steel, which can be bonded with epoxy resin in the moving guide rail when assembling.