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The role of a laptop shaft in a notebook computer
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-12-04

  Notebook computer HingeThe role of the notebook computer

Although the NotebookNotebook computer HingeVarious forms, but from the basic structure, can be divided into two categories: a classNotebook computer HingeThe fixed end is on the host, the active part is prominent, is connected with the screen, has formed the protruding structure; another kindNotebook computer Hingeis fixed on the screen, the movable part sinks, connects with the host, forms the sinking structure.

Raised typeNotebook computer HingeThe biggest advantage is that when open, the screen overall is to rise, so that the screen will not block the back of the notebook, so you can conveniently in the back of the notebook set a variety of ports, cooling holes and so on. From the point of view of making full use of notebook space and increasing the number of ports, it is very advantageous. At the same time, because of the elevatedNotebook computer HingeIn the rotation is not easy to be blocked, so that the screen can open the angle is larger, generally can reach150Degree ~180Degree.

Bad.Notebook computer HingeDesign, light causesNotebook computer HingeBreakage, housing fixed point damage, heavy causesNotebook computer HingeThe inner screen cable breaks, which in turn causes multiple faults in the notebook. SoNotebook computer HingeDesign is not to be overlooked!

Talked aboutNotebook computer Hinge, perhaps very few people to pay attention to it, because everyone will it defaults to the notebook on the irrelevant of an accessory, as long as the screen can be smoothly open and close. In factNotebook computer Hingeis not easy. Its design is good or bad, not only affect the overall style of the notebook, but also affect the notebook's port arrangement.

  Notebook computer HingeThe correct way to use

  Notebook computer Hingeis an important part of the furniture, plays a key role for the whole, and most consumersNotebook computer HingeLow level of understanding,

IntroduceNotebook computer HingeThe choice of the main points and the right way to use. Consumers onNotebook computer HingeThe merits of the piece are lack of judgment ability, and lack of enough knowledge.

HoweverNotebook computer Hingeand accessories in the whole set of door and window materials occupy an important position, it will directly affect the comprehensive quality of doors and windows, the normal use of doors and windows and their use' Life expectancy ' has a big impact. Because of the size of windows and doors, the design and installation of doors and windows is particularly important. From the original design of the designer to determine the final plan, not only to consider the overall style of shaping, but also pay attention to the rationality of the layout, every small link can not be neglected. WindowsNotebook computer HingeIs the soul of the whole inner door, including handle, lock body, hinge and so on, they are small in stature, the role is significant. The service life of the inner door is the keyNotebook computer Hinge"The maintenance. Stainless steel handle and stainless steel other "Notebook computer Hinge"Can be used to clean the light detergent, add light." Hinge, hanging wheel, casters and other active parts in the long movement may be due to dust adhesion and reduce performance, every half a year or so point one, two drops of lubricating oil can keep its smooth. Special attention should be paid to the direction of rotation of the handle, avoid using try. In particular, children should be taught not to hang on the doorknob, both prone to danger and possibly damage to the interior door. In addition, the lock core rotation is not flexible, can be from the pencil core scraping a small amount of black powder, light blown into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant. Avoid dripping lubricating oil because it is more likely to stick to dust.