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How to choose a reliable supplier of mobile hinge
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-05-09

The advent of the intelligent era, although touch-screen mobile phone has become the mainstream, but the classic flip phone still has a market. The flip phone represents an era. Now, flip phones are constantly upgrading, their mobile phonesRotating shaftBecome one of the criteria for measuring flip-phone quality. Cell phoneRotating shaftis an important component of the folding cell phone., it connects the handset clamshell and the handset main face assembly,It is driven to achieve the function of folding mobile phone rotation. And as a professional mobile phoneRotating shaftManufacturers, With excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, many mobile phone manufacturers to become the preferredRotating shaftSuppliers.

   Cell phoneRotating shaftAlmost all of the different models needed for the flip phone nowadays.Rotating shaft。 Its production of mobile phonesRotating shaftGood smoothness, strong abrasion resistance, high precision,Rotating shaftLife Test can achieveMore than 120,000 times.

   Mobile phone coverRotating shaftThe structure comprises a sleeve, an elastic assembly, an axle body, a fixed part, a sleeve member and a fixed buckle ring, wherein the shaft body is positioned through various components so that the mobile phoneRotating shaftCan be pivoted to rotate;Rotating shaftThe convex rib structure of the contact gap between the fixed parts and the sleeve parts, the fixed parts and the sleeve parts after the completion of the assembly can be filled by the gap, and the relative good group connection structure is achieved, whichRotating shaftThe stability of the armature and assembly can be greatly improved to achieve simple and rapid assembly.

   The flip of the phoneRotating shaftStructure due to the use of the flip phone in theRotating shaftPlace added to the reinforced rib structure, and hidden in the describedRotating shaftblock, effectively reducing theRotating shaftThe impact of the extension of the clamshell structure of the service life. Meanwhile Also developed a mobile phone with automatic flip, the phone has a push button on one side, and connecting the driving gear rod in the machine, and the driving gear is fitted with the drive gears, and the passive gear is fitted to the inner end of the cover, the invention can easily push and pull the button on the side of the mobile phone, realize automatic flip and cover, and is convenient to use.

   As a professional mobile phoneRotating shaftSuppliers, can provide a variety of models of mobile phonesRotating shaft, and can be customized according to the needs of the enterpriseRotating shaftDesign, after the market test, to become the most reliable mobile phoneRotating shaftSuppliers.