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The whole scale of the metal hinge industry
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-12-04

 By enteringMetal HingeIndustry does not have a high threshold, so engagedMetal HingeThe number of enterprises in the industry is numerous. At present, domesticMetal HingeAlthough the overall scale of the industry is huge, but mostly small and scattered state. A slightly weakerMetal HingeBusinesses are failing, and the futureMetal HingeIndustry really into the shuffle period, only a certain strength of the enterprise can be developed. RecentMetal HingeBusinesses have sprung up all over the place. However, due to the shackles of the old production concept, many small and medium-sized enterprises still stay in the pursuit of quantitative level, product quality is difficult to ensure.

The vast majority ofMetal HingeEnterprises are still mainly small workshop-oriented shops and shops dispersed, brand awareness is not strong. This ledMetal HingeThere are scattered, disorderly and small phenomena in the industry. The traditional business model has not been able to adapt to the rapid development of the market situation.Metal HingeEnterprises should actively increase technical equipment updates and product updates, as soon as possible from low-level products to the development of high profile products, from the main to the price of high-quality, High-tech products competition. Enterprises must actively explore new development road, the development of new High-tech products, product differentiation as the long-term development of enterprises to seek new market demand

AlthoughNotebook hingeVarious forms, but from the basic structure, can be divided into two categories: a classMetal HingeThe fixed end is on the host, the active part is prominent, is connected with the screen, has formed the protruding structure; another kindMetal Hingeis fixed on the screen, the movable part sinks, connects with the host, forms the sinking structure. Raised typeMetal HingeThe biggest advantage is that when open, the screen overall is to rise, so that the screen will not block the back of the notebook, so you can conveniently in the back of the notebook set a variety of ports, cooling holes and so on. From the point of view of making full use of notebook space and increasing the number of ports, it is very advantageous.

        Talked aboutMetal Hinge, perhaps very few people to pay attention to it, because everyone will it defaults to the notebook on the irrelevant of an accessory, as long as the screen can be smoothly open and close. In factMetal Hingeis not easy. Its design is good or bad, not only affect the overall style of the notebook, but also affect the notebook's port arrangement. Bad.Metal HingeDesign, light causesMetal HingeBreakage, housing fixed point damage, heavy causesMetal HingeThe inner screen cable breaks, which in turn causes multiple faults in the notebook. Bad.Metal HingeThe design causes the casing to break with the screen line. SoMetal HingeDesign is not to be overlooked!