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An analysis of the background of China's metal hinge industry
Edit:Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-01-11

First of all, and we analyze the small series of China'sMetal Hinge A background of the industry:

  Metal Hinge The processing industry will also showMetal Hinge The development characteristics of processing. WithMetal Hinge The competition in the processing industry has been increasing, and the international competition has also turned to domestic competition. In the coming years, our country'sMetal Hinge The development of the processing industry will face new trends, mainly with the following five points:

1, Domestic and foreignMetal Hinge Integration of enterprises to further accelerate

DomesticMetal Hinge In order to improve their own strength and develop the international market faster, the processing enterprises will speed up and abroad by various meansMetal Hinge The integration of processing enterprises to improve product quality, improve competitiveness. International Mold andMetal Hinge Rob, head of the Plastics industry Suppliers Association, said ChinaMetal Hinge The processing industry will continue to adjust the momentum of the structure, and constantly appear some bright spots, while continuing to expand the United States, Japan and other traditional national markets, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so will be full bloom. FutureMetal Hinge The polarization of processing enterprises will become more and more fierce, some enterprises that do not adapt to market competition will exit the market competition through different channels, andMetal Hinge The giants of the processing industry will gradually surface.

2, corporate polarization further intensified

The next few years will beMetal Hinge The direct consequence of such high-speed shocks in the high speed of the processing industry is that the currentMetal Hinge The trend of polarization in the brand camp of kitchen and bathroom is enlarged. It is expected that in the next few years really can survive in the marketMetal Hinge Business absolutely not now so much. ButMetal Hinge This high-speed turbulence in the industry will bring huge opportunities, and the results of the shocks will make the market more rational.

3, the operation of capital in the industry is active, cooperation between enterprises is obviously strengthened

In the global competition environment, in order to gain a favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness, industrial capital is another theme of the industry run.2004Supor, Vantage successively listed, Acer also in the listing of active efforts, Wan capital market operation will not be due to and the Guangdong United States and the restructuring failed to stop. From the capital point of view, the current main feature is the expansion of capital is increasing. From the perspective of competitive behavior, the cooperation of resource sharing among enterprises is increasing.

4, China as a globalMetal Hinge The position of the manufacturing center is further stabilized

With China's integration into the global economic environment and the rapid rise of economic power, China has become the world's most dynamic economic region. Rob that the Chinese economic facilities are comparatively perfect, the industrial development is more mature and the labor cost is lower, which has become a globalMetal Hinge The comparative advantage of Manufacturing Center,Metal Hinge The Export-oriented development of manufacturing industry has obvious characteristics.

5, market competition will shift from price-oriented to high quality, High-tech products

As the competition deepened,Metal Hinge The profit space of processing industry chain is compressed, and the space of price reduction is decreasing gradually. More and more enterprises realize that the price competition alone can not establish the core competitiveness, not the long-term development direction, so as to explore new development path.

In order to be in a favorable position in the competition, now a lot ofMetal Hinge Processing enterprises as well as a number of smallMetal Hinge Stamping parts Factory enterprises have increased the technical input, in order to seek new market demand, and constantly develop new High-tech products, product differentiation as the long-term development of enterprises, the establishment of new economic growth point(Enter such as small household appliances and other similar industries), in order to realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

So where is our trend?

After years of polishing, Smonch as a high-tech enterprise, we achieve in the precision of this goal, we produce rotating shafts, rails, and other high-precisionMetal Hinge Accessories, the current electronic products or the latest unmanned aircraft and many other authoritative fields can see our figure, we can according to some of the company's business scope and technical characteristics of a deep research and development of their products, if or before that no technical content, by price war to hit the market, Your shadow will be lost in our vision in the future.


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